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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Brandon!!!!

Here he is sporting some of his new birthday duds. He's applying to Residency Programs soon, so needless to say he got some practical new (not as much fun) dress clothes.

Here's the birthday boy with Ethan and Hayley. They "helped" him open his presents.

Optimus Prime. Transformers, more than meets the eye.

His birthday request of a brownies and icecream volcano cake. Hot fudge and caramel lava never tasted so good!

The boys playing with their transformers.

Happy Birthday, Brandon! You're the best! You're more than meets the eye! He,he,he!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Ethan's 4th b-day party was a hit! We held the festivities at the Sprinkler Park - keeping up with the tradition from last year.
Here he is taking a swing at the Batman pinata - I got it at the dollar store.... how cool is that? The party favors (watering cans and a hand-held water game) were also from the dollar store. I'm all about good deals!
Ethan and Hayley posing next to his firetruck birthday cake.
Opening presents. So fun! Happy 4th B-day little Wheat Thin (that's our nickname for him).
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The National Zoo in Washington D.C.

I usually like to let the pictures speak for themselves, but in this case you might need a little background info. The top picture was just seconds after a "magical moment" of a beautiful orange-colored butterfly landing on his outstretched hands. The next two pictures were taken after a run through the Misty Fan. The verdic is in: Hayley's favorite animal at the zoo was the hippo and Ethan's was the sting-ray. We had such a fun time and the best part about the day... it was FREE (except for the gas to get up there), but how could it get any better than that?!
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Slip N' Slide

Atleast twice a week almost all the kids in the neigborhood get together infront of our apt. bldg. to have a "Pool Party". This time, thanks to Meridith, the kids tried out the Slip N' Slide and they had a blast!!! Usually the little inflatable pool ends up filled with all matter of debris- from mud and rocks to styrofoam "boats" that the kids just can't resist putting in. So, needless to say the water only looks inviting for the first 5 minutes, so you gotta come early to get in a good clean soak. After that, I guess it's more of a "mud bath" that you'd pay big bucks for at a spa. He,he, he!