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Sunday, September 13, 2009

More than you probably wanted to know (and see) about our week

Since Ethan's in school for a good chunk of the day (I'm still getting used to that) the girls have been spending lots of time together. Here they are reading stories (don't worry, Hayley's bangs have been cut since the taking of this picture so she can actually see now.)
More girl fun. Dress-up and dancing to High School Musical is their new favorite!

And now, a really sick picture. This is Brandon's hamstring injury- he was playing softball and "took one for the team" and then went back for more the next week. I kept teasing him that he was Doctor House- I really should have gotten him a cane. The poor guy could barely walk. I haven't ever seen a bruise that bad, have you? Yikes!

Hayley's first day of Preschool picture. Her teacher made all the kids tote bags. Other than a mix-up at pick-up (the teacher thought that I said I was there to pick up Katie) the first day was great! ;)

Mariah wanted in on the modeling action.
The girls were playing and Hayley said, "Look mom, we're kangaroos with babies in our pouches". When I went to grab the camera, Ethan grabbed his "Joey" and joined the Roos. Then they had a bouncy time jumping on the bed!
Baby Vader. This is the only pic. I have of the blue walls in our family room (that I'm sorry to say I ending up not liking at all. I thought the color would grow on me......didn't happen.) Brandon's been busy w/ try #2 . We'll post the results of the paint fix.

More highlights from the week:

  • me mistaking the diaper cream as tooth paste (luckily I discovered the mistake BEFORE putting it in my mouth)
  • Ethan learning the Star Wars theme on the keyboard
  • cheering for the COUGS. Another victory yesterday, hooray!

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