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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Landscaping: Before

Here are some before pictures from landscaping our yard. Trenching in the clay took ten hours. The sprinkler system is nearly in. I'll post more periodically.
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The Latest in Toddler Fashion: Snot Sleeves!

This video is pretty self-explanatory. Mariah has had a world class cold for a couple of weeks now, and recently discovered that her forearms are much more convenient than a tissue. Luckily we were cleaning out our old clothes and stumbled upon the latest in toddler fashion - Snot Sleeves. What more could one want from an accessory - chic, functional, and a complement to any outfit. Ok, it was pretty gross, but so are the oil slicks on her arms. *Note, the tighter the fit, the better*
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Friday, October 16, 2009

October has been full....

....of CELEBRATION!!! We had visitors, hooray! Thanks for stopping by, Katie, we had a blast! Mariah had a birthday celebration that she got to share w/ her cousin that was visiting. So fun! Here she is a little place like Chuck E. Cheese.

New birthday jammies. It's finally cool enough to wear long pajama pants to sleep in, since they've been wearing shorts for the past 8 months (basically half of her life) Mariah was a little skeptical at first about the length. She kept trying to pull them up to her knees. But, now she LOVES them.
Did she just turn 2 or 20? Ha ha! She got some dress-up jewelry from her little friends and she LOVES that too! ;)

Birthday dress-ups!
Opening presents. She was so excited to get a "Grandma" for her birthday (one that goes in her dollhouse). She had been saying that what she wanted for her birthday was "grandpa"- which she calls both Grandparents. ;) She was glad to have a little plastic substitute! ;)