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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I LOVE....

I love Mariah- and her cute little pink shoes. (Thanks, Andrea!)
What is it about girls and shoes?
I love Ethan and the cute things he does- Ethan's been really into reading Calvin and Hobbs lately. Here is is as "Space Man Spiff"
And here is his with "Hobbs" his teddy bear and he's digging for dinosaur bones in the back yard. He did find some rocks that looked like T-rex teeth. It's cute because sometimes at the dinner table, or in the car he will chuckle to himself and say, "You know what Calvin did......" and he'll just laugh and laugh.
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Splashing in the Sprinkler

We went and visited my friend Aika and her cute little family- who we live close to know. Hooray! The kids played on the splash pad and had a blast!

I like how this picture shows Ethan's tan line... he,he,he.
Her little girl, Emi. She's sucha cutie!
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Little Pioneer Children

We had a 24th of July Pioneer Celebration at the church and the kids dressed up like pioneers. This is the closest thing I could find for Mariah- our amazingly talented cousin Mariah (who's name we stole) made it. I think it's soooooo cute, it's reversible and has cute little bloomers.
Ethan had me make him a horse from an old mop handle and Hayley's riding a sock horse.

I made her bonnet from scrapbook paper and ribbon- she looked so cute!
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Here's Ethan, or should I say "Peter Parker" shooting some webbs from his b-day toy.
Hayley and Ethan did a 2 wk. swim lesson class- their instructor was so fabulous!
On the 4th there was a sandcastle building contest at the clubhouse beach pool- here's our train going through the tunnel (of course we didn't win, but the awesome VW van next to us did).
Some part thingy in our freezer was broken, so Brandon ordered a part and my handsome handy man saved us 300 bucks!
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ethan's Big 5 Nothan'

Happy Birthday Ethan (yesterday!)
Ethan requested a space themed party. Here's the moon cake.
Here's the kids decorating their "flying saucers"
The birthday boy- we had space (freeze dried) icecream, too with the cake. The kids said it tasted like chalk. What are those astronauts thinking?
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Out of Order

So, I'm a little out of order. These are just more pictures from the previous post.
More cousin pics- it was their first encounter.

Here's Mariah hanging out at my family's Mem. Day BBQ

Our trip to the Hoogle Zoo.

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Caution: Projects and Kids Don't Mix

I was looking for some recent pics. to post, and I realized that we've kinda been neglecting the kids lately because of our many "projects". If we're not at the pool, I'm here doing stuff that the kids don't like. Luckily, Ethan does like to help when it includes power tools.

Here he is sanding down off the sage green paint on the toy box- he's equipped w/ "safety goggles" and all.

I had to dig up pictures we took a couple of weeks ago (when we were paying attention to our kids). This one is from the Baby Contest that we entered her in at the Orem Festival. She was in the costume category.
Here's Mariah hanging out with her cousin buddies.
I think this is the cutest picture of Hayley and her Aunt - everyone says she looks like a mini Megan. I think so too- lucky for Hayley!!
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Four Eyes, Six Legs, Missing Two Front Teeth, Nine Month Old in Swing

Four Eyes: I got glasses- nerdy or nice?

Six Legs: All three little pairs of tan legs.

Missing Two Front Teeth: Aren't the top front supposed to come in first?
She loves the swing on their little playground- she's nine mos. old! Maybe if I get crazy with the bow/headbands no one will notice her gap-toothed smile! ;)
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