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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Madness

Sweet Baby Feet. She's a toe-scruncher like her dad!
My kids are addicted! A pack a day (a pack of fruit snacks) and they're always begging for more! I wonder if they make patches to break the "pack a day" fruit snacks habbit! Mariah can reach them in the cupboard now, so I'm in trouble, because she'll bring them over to me and look up w/ the big brown eyes and it's so hard to say no! Here's a picture of them enjoying their vice!
We've had a warm spell and so we've been enjoying the pool and some sprinkler fun! I think Brandon liked spraying freezing water and watching them squeal with both horror and delight. What a fun dad!

Strike a pose!
Mariah was a mere spectactor in our March Sprinkler Madness.

Hayley's got bangs now- so stylish! ;)

Before and After Pictures. I have been going a little Mod Podge crazy. It's all part of the March Madness at our house.

I wish I had some awesome photoshop skills (like Mikey) and I would add in a little stork to carry my Mariah baby. ;)

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