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Friday, February 4, 2011

January Wrap-up

January has come and gone. 2011 has started off pretty great. Climbing in cupboards is her new favorite thing.

Hayley having a camp out with her doll. Plastic marshmallows and all.

Brandon found a creative way of keeping Juliette happy while he was mowing the lawn (I was out running. I am training for the Ragnar Del Sol). Yes, in Arizona we have year-round lawncare. Bummer!

Peek-a-boo. She's trying to wiggle her way out of the sliding door. Little sly dog. ;)

A picnic on the back porch. Such sweet sisters. ;)

I guess I uploaded too many photos of the girls, so I couldn't add the one of Ethan playing "Quidditch" so you'll just have to imagine him on a little stick horse running around trying to catch a ball that's whirling around the room because Brandon hooked it up to the ceiling fan. Good thing he didn't end up with a Harry Potter-esque scar from the whole thing.
I made some marmalade. Yum! Brandon has started interviewing for an Infectious Disease fellowship (Colorado, Utah, or California.... we'll let you know where we will be going for our next little stint. ;) That's it for now!


Denelle said...

I am laughing so hard picturing ethan chasing a ball attached to the ceiling fan! What a smart idea. David is also a little mishchevious. He seems to mess up everything, and when I say mess I mean everything ends up a mess, including him. Such fun little tikes! Good luck with those interviews.

AudBall said...

i can't wait to see you. you're kids are so adorable. and what is this run you are talking about?

TeamDall said...

Keep up the quidditch practice Ethan, I hear the Chuddley Cannons are looking for a new seeker!

cam said...

Colorado all the way... I think that is the closest one to us. I miss you.